Caring for Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is a precious metal and will naturally tarnish with time and wear and when it’s exposed to oxygen.

To clean your sterling silver and to keep it shiny, simply use a sterling silver polishing cloth or dip it into a sterling silver cleaning solution.
We recommend polishing your sterling silver jewellery regularly for a better result.

Caring for gold plated jewellery:

Our gold plating jewellery has a base layer of sterling silver with a 18K gold plating. It is suitable for everyday wear, but like anything plated, it will eventually tarnish over time and wear. As the jewellery are not solid gold, extra care should be taken to diminish tarnishing and prolong the longevity of your pieces.

You can clean your gold-plated jewellery with gentle wet wipes or chemical free soft cloth to gently rub your piece to remove dust and dirt.

Do not use a sterling silver or solid gold polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating.

To help keep your jewellery looking beautiful, clean with a soft dry cloth after wearing and store it in a closed jewellery box or sealed plastic bag in a cool dry place, away from direct light.

We also recommend to keep individual pieces separate to avoid scratching. 

Remember to remove your jewellery when:

  • Applying perfume, hairspray or make-up
  • Applying lotion or sunscreen
  • Entering water
  • Working out


Caring for a Merino Wool Béret:

Merino wool bérets are very resistant and will only need to be cleaned occasionally or in case of stains.

When not worn, we recommend keeping your béret in a flat position and in a dry area away from direct sun.

If you need to clean your beret, only handwash your béret (no washing machine) with cold water.

Try to avoid using too much water to be sure to keep the original shape. If you are cleaning a stain, only use a (very) soft brush and (very) gently clean. To dry your béret, it’s recommended to keep it flat, away from the sun.

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