A collection of artistic and elegant jewellery designs, lovingly inspired by nature and hand-crafted with care.



Artistically and skilfully crafted with the passion and teamwork of multiple talented jewellery designers from all over the world.



Timeless and hand-crafted jewellery made to release the confidence in all women. Step out into the world in contemporary and feminine sophistication.


About Store

Maewenn Designs is a timeless collection of nature and art-inspired jewellery, designed and crafted by talented designers all over the world or by Maewenn herself.

Maewenn Designs was founded by Maewenn in 2012 with a sole purpose to create a unique hand-crafted
jewellery brand at affordable prices. It incorporates a broad range of
beautifully designed and delicate earrings, rings, bangles, and pendants.

The main obvious theme in this collection of jewellery is the inspiration drawn from nature –
from the delicately understated lily to the unique shape and texture of
gumnuts. But you’ll also find pieces inspired by Maewenn’s European heritage and contemporary art – bold and eclectic.

Combine these themes with the passion of the designers, and you get a jewellery brand that is
truly unique. Find yourself and your style in Maewenn Designs - inspired by nature, hand-crafted with care.

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